News in the Inter Cargo fleet

During May, our subsidiary Inter Cargo Sp. z o.o. added two SM 42 railcars produced by Fablok Chrzanow to their fleet. These diesel locomotives, with the type designation 6D, were designed for heavy shunting work as well as for line carriage of light freight trains.

The SM42 is a 4-axle, single-cab locomotive with Bo'Bo' axle system with electric transmission and electro-pneumatic control. The power source is a self-ignition internal combustion engine with the designation a8C22 with a power of 800 hp (590 kW) and a volume of 81.6 l. Both restored locomotives can already be seen running today in the ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia, where our company performs siding operations on trains heading to/from the ports.

Inter Cargo Sp. z o.o. has four diesel propulsion vehicles. The main task of these locomotives is to strengthen the performance of our branch in Gdynia, which performs port operations for group trains as well as service for external customers. At the same time, however, we use the power of these locomotives to service sidings within Silesia, where we try to offer our customers a comprehensive service, including servicing the so-called first and last mile.

We believe that both locomotives included in our fleet will contribute to the increase in the quality and flexibility of our services, not only in Polish ports. Many happy kilometers SM 42!