Budamar dominates transport and logistics in Slovakia

"Our company has been working for a long time on expanding its portfolio of services, especially as regards activities in foreign markets. This means that in many cases we provide our customers with a comprehensive transport route. This also entails expanding our fleet of modern driving vehicles, in addition to investing in the purchase of new wagons and, last but not least, in modernisation and innovation within transhipment services." said Ing. Ľubomír Loy, Member of the Board of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, a.s. 

Despite the beginning of the military conflict, BUDAMAR has managed to maintain approximately the same level. For example, we have been arranging the transportation of iron ores via Čierna nad Tisou and Polish ports - which until then was carried out outside our company via Ukrainian ports. However, a big influence on the price increase already in 2022 was the increase in electricity. 

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Source: Trend

Photo: Michal Smrčok