Slovak thriller FENTASY

The Slovak film FENTASY is coming to cinemas, and BUDAMAR LOGISTCS is one of its main partners.

The film FENTASY is about the drug known as fentanyl, a powerful synthetic drug that kills up to 70,000 people in the US every year - that's more than the number of victims in the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined. This drug is making its way to us step by step, and in Europe it already has its first victims.

The crime thriller directed by Samuel Vičan and Anastasija Hoppanová will be released on March 14, and in the main roles we will see Kristína Kanátová, Noël Czuczor and David Švehlík.

Part of the film was filmed also in the premises of the Bratislava port where BUDAMAR LOGISTICS is based, so keep your eyes open and see you on 2024-03-14 in Slovak and Czech cinemas!

Teaser and other information about the film can be found at: