The newest Vectron carries the Spiš Castle

A few days ago, another Siemens Vectron locomotive received a new design at the Bratislava Východ depot.

This time, Spiš Castle was added to the night designs series. You can see it specifically on the Vectron 383.301, which is also equipped with the so-called Italian package, which is necessary for locomotives to drive in Italy.

Often, you will be able to meet him on the route between Mošnov and Verona. Since March 14, Vectrons of the BUDAMAR GROUP have also been regularly driving within the Italian interior. Vectron 383.302 was the first locomotive to take the train to Verona from Tarvisio.

The remaining two Vectrons are expected to be installed in the next few days. Which castles or chateaux do you think will join the Bratislava, Orava and Spiš castles in this edition?


Photo: Matej Pleško