New BUDAMAR GROUP Vectron livery design

Due to the significant increase in transportation, ten brand new Siemens Vectron MS locomotives will be added to the BUDAMAR GROUP fleet this year. They were leased by the young Slovak leasing company Rolling Stock Lease, and Railcolor Design took care of their final appearance.

"Given the size of the BUDAMAR group and their activities in the rail transport segment, we are glad that after 5 years of leasing our locomotives, we managed to conclude a lease agreement with the BUDAMAR group as well," Tibor Čunderlík, representative of the Rolling Stock Lease company, told the portal. "The object of the lease is 8 pcs of Siemens Vectron MS locomotives in the A17 version and 2 pcs in the A35 version." The first two Vectrons arrived in Bratislava in February of this year. Here they were being prepared for commissioning or technical safety tests. The locomotives were used to drive trains in all the countries in which BUDAMAR GROUP operates. The third one arrived last weekend and was also the first to receive a new livery design. You will be able to meet the Vectron at the head of the trains in the coming days.

The renowned company Railcolor Design took care of the new livery design. "Already with the first Vectrons, we wanted to use the space offered by this locomotive to present the BUDAMAR GROUP brand. However, we don't want every Vectron to have the same design, which is why we thought for a long time about which way to go with the second five. In the end, we decided create design editions, probably five pieces each, with each edition having a central theme, altough each sticker will be unique." explained the business director of BUDAMAR GROUP and member of the board of directors of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, a.s. Ing. Ľubomír Loy. The first five designs are accompanied by the same motif and slogan "We are the architects of transportation". Their dominant features are Slovak bridges and viaducts. "In the first edition, we decided on bridges. On one hand, they are part of the railway transport, and at the same time they are a symbol of connection. We want to express the hope that people who were incredibly divided and alienated by the pandemic will be reunited with each other. They also express a connection to other topics within editions you'll have to wait for." added Ing. Ľubomír Loy.

On August 5, new designs with the motif of Slovak bridges and viaducts were added to the series of stickers from Railcolor Design. Their dominant features are the Bratislava SNP Bridge and the Chmarošský Viaduct.

Soon, fans of locomotive design will have more designs to discover, so stay tuned.



Photo: Matej Pleško, Railcolor Design