Do you remember the poll where we asked you which animal protected by law you'd like to see on our latest Vectron a while back? The marmot won the number of votes just ahead of the wolf and the salamander.

Vectron 193.809 got it's final design in Bratislava on August 21, from where it was immediately used for transport to Koper, Slovenia. During the next week, you can catch the Vectron in Germany, where it was deployed to transport grain. The Vectrons were designed by the Railcolor Design company, and LOC & MORE experts took care of their stickering.

"The fifth Vectron from the series referring to nature protection was the last for a long time. However, next year we plan to expand our fleet with more, along with a new series of designs.” said Ing. Ľubomír Loy, member of the board of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS.

Thank you for your help in choosing a design and for the positive feedback on this year's design series! We believe that next year will bring something interesting again.

Photo: Rok Pirc, Matej Pleško